Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Freezer Power

An extra freezer is a must for our family. I have finally come up with a system to eliminate throwing frozen chunks of mystery freezer burned items away.

After organizing my 3 month food plan, I made a list of items and purchased them. For example... I need 6 2lb. packages of ground beef. (I buy my ground beef at Costco in monster size and divide them into 2 lb. servings and freeze.) These handy bins keep my extra freezer organized. I always take from the front of the bin and add to the back. Gotta keep rotating.

I store unopened packages of everything we use in my extra freezer. Once I need to open a new bag, I transfer it to my kitchen freezer. That way my extra freezer is the "storage" and I can rotate the food like I do with canned goods. This also helps my kitchen freezer have a little more room. It makes me feel like I have a grocery store with my own freezer section right in my basement.

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